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​FC AFC Paragons Cairnbrae Fionan Bhan "Blanco"
OFA Good Hips/Elbows ACVO Normal Eyes Weight: 48#

Blanco is owned by some good friends in Colorado and I was fortunate enough to have him stay with me for the summer. I've had several of their field trial dogs stay for periods of time, have even shot over most of them, but this one is my favorite! His field accomplishments are obvious, he has been a consistent Nationals qualifier, is a big, strong powerhouse, but he also has the perfect temperament. He is smart, level headed, eager to please, affectionate and calm - I LOVE him! (They had to pry him out of my mostly dead fingers)

I am over the moon happy to do this breeding with Zephyr and feel that he is a wonderful match for her, both physically and temperamentally. His owner is also running him in hunt tests and he should cruise through Master Hunter in the upcoming months.