A Speck of Hellfire "Speck"
FC AFC Paragon's Eustis E Wart MH X Hellfires Astormin
DOB  05/15/2015   OFA Health Certifications Weighs approx: 44#

Off the hook stamina is how I would best describe Speck - her athleticism is  incredible! Like her mom, she is also weather proof,  cold or heat, nothing phases her or slows her down. Speck is a predator, she is all business and  her main purpose in life is to hunt. Whether it's a humble mouse or wiley Montana rooster, she will find it and bring it back.

Speck has a gentle, temperament  and is a sweetie pie. She has a quirky sense of humor and thinks she can communicate with me using  many octaves of howls.  She is happy in the kennel or the house, is not a spoiled princess, and reminds me a bit of my Ruby Roobster - a little feral, very pretty, but tough as nails.

Speck is a taller, leggier and lighter boned bitch, around 44# - built from the same mold as her granny Zeeza and most of the girls I've kept from that particular bloodline.

Unfortunately Ice is no longer a viable option, so we are hoping to breed Speck to our frozen Toby semen in 2019 or 2020.






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