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Tenacious T @ 7 weeks climbing the mountain with her Uncle StrikerTipping the teeter @ 7 weeks old11 weeksTina @ 1 year oldTina @ 1 year1 year oldTina - December 2014
Hellfire's Proud Mary "Tina" 
FC AFC Paragon's Eustis E Wart MH X  Hellfire's Windsong
OFA Health Certifications  |  Weighs 36 lbs  

Miss Tina Turner has really morphed into a lovely girl! She is beautiful, light boned and leggy like her mother Singer and has the amazing focus and intense drive of her dad Mickey. When outside, Tina is ALWAYS in hunt mode. She has incredible stamina paired with tenacity and no moth, butterfly or tweety bird is safe with Tina around!

Tina is one of my favorite house dogs - she is a very gentle and quiet girl, most of the time I don't even know she is in the house. She was very easy to potty train, has excellent kennel manners, not destructive, is super smart and extremely athletic. Her puppies would make terrific obedience and agility dogs, and would also be a good choice for active family/companion pet homes. 

Tina was bred for the first time in 2016 to FC AFTW Paragon's "Macks" of Hellfire who is a gorgeous, high octane full brother to Haley, (Macks is OFA Excellent) and bred to our dog Toby FC AFC CFC Abitts Highlander Lord MH RE VCD1 OAP OJP WDX VS, via frozen semen in 2017. Tina will be bred to level headed FC AFC Blanco for her third and final litter in 2018.