Hellfire's Astormin "Storm"
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Stormy is a third generation Hellfire puppy and the very last of Zeeza's daughters. Two of her sisters are  successfully field trialling. Her sister Brandy was #1 Western Interclub High Point Puppy and finished as #4 High Point Trial Puppy in the US overall standings.

Storm is a BEAUTIFUL, larger sized (47#)  strong bitch who looks a LOT like her grammy Maia. She is an excellent retriever and has a very "tenacious"  and determined hunting style. Temperament wise she is a softie,  very gentle and kind, loving and affectionate - just like her mother.  Personality-wise she's a character. She really is a charming, funny, super smart springer with the fastest wiggle butt I've ever seen.

Storm was bred to FC AFC Paragon's Eustis E. Wart MH in 2015, and CNFC CNAFC NAFC NFC Blackriver's Tanner in 2016. Due to bad weather preventing shipping, we bred her to our youngster Bodhi - a gorgeous Toby X Tina son for a litter in 2018. We are still researching males for her last litter in 2019. We may also breed her daughter Speck in 2019.
12 weks oldStorm was our 2014 cover girl.Storm @ 2 years oldStorm @ 2 years old
Taken 9/25/2014
A beautiful shot of one of my best mommies. Lovely girl!Puppies via FC AFC Paragon's Eustis E Wart MH






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2010 National Open Gun's Award Winner

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