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Hellfire Field-bred English Springer Spaniel puppies are bred out of  high quality sires and dams that demonstrate strong working ability on land and water.  Our breeding prime directive is to always strive for sound, biddable temperaments, heat seeking missile noses, soft mouths with retrieving and marking excellence.

In addition to being outstanding hunting companions and easy to live with family dogs, Hellfire puppies have also excelled in field trial, hunt test,  agility, tracking and obedience events   - even as Search and Rescue and medical detection dogs. Smart, sound biddable dogs, with proven pedigrees, can do anything.
Field bred english springer spaniel puppies
As an accomplished Breeder of Merit, we also place a great deal of importance on genetic health and four generations of our dogs have OFA joint, eye and DNA clearances. Our puppies are raised in our house, and they are socialized and enriched with the Super Puppy and Puppy Culture development methods. We usually have 1-2 very well bred litters a year.

Planned 2019 breedings are with 
Storm - very gentle, great choice for pet homes
Zephyr - calm, level headed, athletic

08/16/18: We are placing a 3 year old black and white female -
House and crate trained, untrained but would make a great hunting dog.
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