FC AFC CFC Abitt's Highlander's Lord MH RE OAP OFP VCD1

CFC Coldwater's Flatlander Logan

CFC Expressway's Magnet

CFC Breezy Point's Krocket

CNFC FC AFC Windmillwood Storm

CFC Breezy Point's Anita

Strong's Solo

Saighton's Strong

Shoreline's Quintessence

Courtman's Darling Odessa

ENFC Cortman Garry

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Abitt Off More Than I Can Chew

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Hellfire's Highwater
Navy is a litter sister to FC AFC CFC Hellfire's Fast Track MH MXJ CD VS

FC AFC Rolling Oaks High Chaparrel

FC AFC K's Surefire Zack

NFC FC AFC Sunrise Zinger

AFC Sunrise Zachary

Breakwater Bess

Windy Acres Katy Bee


Wal Lous Bronze Beauty

FC AFC Jessica Beau Of Brownscott

Beau Of Nest

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FC AFC CFC South Chase Brady

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Lockport's Spanky

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FC Findaway's Lucky Strike

AFC Marshview Bit Of Swiftness

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CFC Lockport's Riley WS

Jae's Princess

OFA Health Certifications   |  Pedigree

Haley is out of our dog Toby - FC AFC CFC Abitt's Highlander Lord MH RE OAP OJP VCD1 and Navy - who is a twin littermate of FC AFC CFC Hellfire's Fast Track MH MX AXJ CD VS. Two very strong and talented field bloodlines.  I'm not sure genetic experts could have cloned a more exact version of Navy! Not only does Haley look very similar, but she also has her mom's lovely, gentle and very level headed temperament. The Navy X Toby litters have been consistently excellent and amongst our nicest puppies. Super sweet and snuggly temperaments in the home, plus relentless bird finding in the field. Haley is a  full sister to US High Point Puppy MH Checkers  and FC MH Macks, and another 3 of her siblings have MH and MHA titles.

Sizewise, Haley weighs in around 35#, with lovely, long legs that can really GO. She loves water retrieving and even as a tiny tot would leap into it like a dock dock. She also has a very soft mouth, high retrieving drive and considering how tenacious and high octane she is in the field, has surprised me a little with her calm house dog and well behaved kennel demeanor.

Haley has  been bred to Bones, Ice and Mickey - producing very nice,  high drive puppies that have jobs in Search and Rescue, hospital bacterial detection nosework, field trial, hunt test, agility and hard core hunting homes. She will be bred for the final time in early 2017 (??).     
March 2011 - Little fireball!March 2011 - Prettier than Navy. 12/26/2010October 201112/31/2011 - 2 years old!Pheasant Opening Day 2011